FIFA 18 Release Date, Features and Wishlist

Whenever one talks about sports video, what across our mind is the FIFA (video game series). One of the most popular video games of all time, FIFA is all set to hit the market before the end of the year 2017. And like any other edition we can expect a number of changes to come in, one of which is definitely going to be in the graphics of the game.


Before going into the probable features and the gameplay of FIFA 18, we need to take a look at the probable release date of the latest edition of the game. The video game for the first time came out from EA way back in the year 1993. Since then, the popularity of the game has swelled incredibly. Predictions are high that FIFA 18 will hit the market in the month of September this year. It has been a trend that EA Sports has rolled out the game in the month of September on most occasions. There are very few occasions when the release has been delayed to the month of October. So that makes it all the more obvious that FIFA 18 will hit the market in the month of September this year. even if there is a delay, chances are low that the release date of the FIFA 18 will be delayed beyond the first week of the month of October.

Now coming to the features of the game, it can be said that the game has been one of the most played games at the moment in the world. Such has been the popularity of the game and that is primarily because of the kind of graphics that the developers provide. The first game in the FIFA series to be powered by the Frostbite engine was FIFA 17 which witnessed a number of changes as far as the features and graphics of the game are concerned. So it for sure that there will be no new engine and subtle changes will be brought in to enhance the already incredible gameplay. With the subtle changes set to come in FIFA 18 we can expect the player movement and animation to get even better. Other graphical glitches, however little that might be, is expected to be fixed in the upcoming edition of the game. Also, the gallery is expected to get a much better look to provide a realistic approach to the game.

Among the places where there are opportunities of making a development we have the AI.  A better AI is something which will improve the gaming experience further. At times there has been a bit input delay while playing the game which the developers EA might look forward to changing. However, everything is in a state of speculation and we will have to keep on waiting for some official news on the game by its developer EA. Expectations are high that some sort of an announcement to be made every soon regarding the probable changes that are going to be brought in or who is going to be the cover player of this edition.


Borderlands 3 is expected to Bring in a Number of New Things

Action role-playing game has always been one of the most popular genres of video games. Over the years a number of new games have come out from different developers across the world which has gained popularity among the fans. And that has a lot of things to do with the updated graphics as well as the technological developments that have taken place. Most of the video games that belong to the genre of action role-playing games thus have undergone sea changes over the last few years. It has become all the more exciting as well enthralling, much more than what it used to be ten years back.


Among the top role-playing games which have come out over the last years, we have the game Borderlands. Gearbox Software has done a supreme job in providing the users with some incredible features in the gameplay of Borderlands. And with the expectations rising regarding the arrival of the Borderlands 3 we have received a number of news and updates which are definitely going to make the fans all the excited. The two editions of the game in the Borderlands from the house of Gearbox has done a great job, and that is actually one of the reasons why the gamers are looking forward to the addition of a number of new things in the game Borderlands 3.

And here we are with a list of things that the fans would love to see coming in the game Borderlands 3 when it hits the market at some point in time later on. It is believed that the Borderlands 3 release date is going to be in the year 2018 and hence, with a lot of time still to go before the expected launch of the game we can expect a number of new things to be coming in.

One such thing is the inclusion of a much more interactive feature in the game. The first edition of the game which has come out has seen some great graphics. But the story of the game at times lacked the kind of depth that the gamers would have liked to have. Hence, a much more interactive and gripping story is what the fans would like to see coming with the launch of the game Borderlands 3. Depth in the characters is also something that is wished for. That will make the game much more exciting for the gamers.

Driving vehicles is one of the aspects of the game that needs to be addressed by the developers Gearbox Software. The shooting and gunning have been of the highest quality whereas driving the vehicles haven’t provided the gamers with the kind of excitement that they would have loved to have. It needs to be made a bit more realistic, and that will definitely make it even better for the gamers.

Also, there are reportedly few repetitions when it comes to the type of missions that are available in the former versions of the game. Avoiding the repetitions will surely make the game Borderlands 3 even more impressive. So it remains to be observed whether these changes eventually come in or not. Even if all these changes do not come in, there will certainly be few, and that will make the game Borderlands 3 from Gearbox even more absorbing and closer to reality.