Awesome New Year Dinner Ideas for couples

New Year is one of the biggest festivals of the year and it is celebrated around the world. Everyone feels very happy plans are made for a get together party with close friends and loved ones. This is that time of the year when people forget about their past by looking forward to a fresh start on New Year 2017.

People host parties and short gatherings where they gather around to have the final countdown where they shout out and wish a Happy New Year to each other. People host special New Year dinner parties and invite the near and dear ones just to have a good time. Making the best New Year Dinner requires one to have a bit of guidance and for that we are here to rescue. Here are some of the New Year Dinner Idea that will help one hold the best New Year eve party.

new year dinner ideas
happy new year dinner ideas

Here are some of the New Year Dinner Idea

  • Smoked Salmon Pizza –  Apizza spread with crème fraiche and topped with smoked salmon caviar is a perfect New Year’s Eve appetizer before the dinner is served.
  • Salmon Roe Pasta- This decadent pasta has the same flavors as the pizza, but you can eat it with a fork instead of your hands.
  • Truffles Pasta-If caviar isn’t your thing, but you want something just as luxurious, try this tagliatelle with Robiola cheese and truffles.
  • Pork Ribs-Rich and meltingly tender, short ribs can be cooked a couple of days in advance and served from a slow cooker
  • Roast Pork Shoulder-Pernil, a citrus-marinated slow-roasted couplespork shoulder that’s popular among Puerto Ricans will easily and inexpensively serve a crowd. This would be the perfect dinner for a New Year Dinner Party.
  • Meatballs– Who can resist those delicious balls of light fluffiness that would just melt in the mouth. One can serve it with a bowl of tasty pasts of sphegetti.
  • Scallops with Caviar – This would be a classy dinner dish when it comes to New Years Dinner party. The juicy and tender scallops are the guest’s favorite for all time. Hopefully, you have checked out all the dinner ideas, just click beautiful happy new year images and share with your friends.

In conclusion, these are some of the New Year Dinner Idea that one can try for their New Year dinner party, with which they will be able to host a great party. One can even implement some other ways to have a good dinner party and have a good time with their close ones.