Awesome New Year Dinner Ideas for couples

New Year is one of the biggest festivals of the year and it is celebrated around the world. Everyone feels very happy plans are made for a get together party with close friends and loved ones. This is that time of the year when people forget about their past by looking forward to a fresh start on New Year 2017.

People host parties and short gatherings where they gather around to have the final countdown where they shout out and wish a Happy New Year to each other. People host special New Year dinner parties and invite the near and dear ones just to have a good time. Making the best New Year Dinner requires one to have a bit of guidance and for that we are here to rescue. Here are some of the New Year Dinner Idea that will help one hold the best New Year eve party.

new year dinner ideas
happy new year dinner ideas

Here are some of the New Year Dinner Idea

  • Smoked Salmon Pizza –  Apizza spread with crème fraiche and topped with smoked salmon caviar is a perfect New Year’s Eve appetizer before the dinner is served.
  • Salmon Roe Pasta- This decadent pasta has the same flavors as the pizza, but you can eat it with a fork instead of your hands.
  • Truffles Pasta-If caviar isn’t your thing, but you want something just as luxurious, try this tagliatelle with Robiola cheese and truffles.
  • Pork Ribs-Rich and meltingly tender, short ribs can be cooked a couple of days in advance and served from a slow cooker
  • Roast Pork Shoulder-Pernil, a citrus-marinated slow-roasted couplespork shoulder that’s popular among Puerto Ricans will easily and inexpensively serve a crowd. This would be the perfect dinner for a New Year Dinner Party.
  • Meatballs– Who can resist those delicious balls of light fluffiness that would just melt in the mouth. One can serve it with a bowl of tasty pasts of sphegetti.
  • Scallops with Caviar – This would be a classy dinner dish when it comes to New Years Dinner party. The juicy and tender scallops are the guest’s favorite for all time. Hopefully, you have checked out all the dinner ideas, just click beautiful happy new year images and share with your friends.

In conclusion, these are some of the New Year Dinner Idea that one can try for their New Year dinner party, with which they will be able to host a great party. One can even implement some other ways to have a good dinner party and have a good time with their close ones.


What you will get in the form of iPhone 7!

Apple has always been a hot favourite of almost all of us at some point of time and with the iPhone 7 on its way this September we are without doubt a little too excited to see what this piece of beauty brings to us. Apple has always brought innovation with each of its design and as the series gets better, so does the technological advancement.

Apple is responsible for coming up with a lot of firsts for the world of technology, and, it has managed to prove to be a huge success to break all records. Now with the iPhone 7 on its  way in September, there have been many rumours out in the market already, and here, we bring to you some more of what we’ve heard about the iPhone 7.

Design: To start off with, the iPhone 7 looks pretty similar to what 6S looked like; changes being removal of the headphone jack, removal of the antenna bands from the back and a variety of colours available for choice.

Features: Now that is something we must surely be very curious about. The 3D touch remains the same, and so does the 12 MP camera. The iPhone 7 will be available in 3 versions, namely, iPhone 7,7S and 7 Pro. The iPhone 7 pro is going to showcase a dual lens camera while the other two will continue to have a single lens camera. Apart from that, the latest addition we see is the IRIS scanner which has for long been in the news. Apart from that, the regular fingerprint scanner remains; yet another addition is the AMOLED screen, unlike the previous LED display. As news have been, the memory for the base model shall now be made a 32GB, which is one great thing for all of us! So that is about it!


Availability: September is generally the month of iPhones, and this year will see iPhone 7 and its 3 variants. The pre-orders shall start a week before the final launch of the iPhone and depending upon the supply/demands, the further shipment shall be determined. iOS 10 also release on same month, and you can download ios 10 for your iphones.

Price: This is the major concern that all of us have with iPhones, the PRICE. We are expecting the basic version of iPhone to be available at somewhere around 700 USD which could go up to as the makers shall please for the iPhone pro. (given the super advanced features that the phone is going to have in store)

So wait up to know more, until there’s more news, stay right here to keep updated with all that this super phone will bring for us!

What is Blue Dart Transit Time Finder How to Use it?

Blue Dart is South Asia’s largest courier service company with extensive network in 35,000 locations in more than 220 countries across the world. Blue Dart is a part of DHL company of Germany which is also a logistics company and is one of the largest in the world. DHL owns almost 85% of the shares in Blue Dart but Blue Dart works independently with the support from the DHL for its international services. It is also certified by Lloyd’s register with ISO 9001:2008 for its products, services and operations. It is having warehouses in 85 locations and hubs in major metropolitan cities of India. It had hubs in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Chennai.

blue dart transit time finder

It is also having Aviation network called Blue Dart Aviation based in Chennai Airport. Aviation services are used for large overnight deliveries across the south Asia and it had operated 5 planes since its inception. Some of the flights are now retired. Blue Dart is having varies services for different types of couriers like Domestic Priority, Charters, Dart Apex, Smart Box, Temperature control Logistics, Airport to Airport, Dart Surfaceline, regional and international services.

What is Blue Dart Transit Finder:

Many times we may need to send some urgent couriers before time and mostly we don’t know when will they reach. This situation especially happens in government postal services. So, Blue Dart came up with a software to provide you with the exact date of delivery of your package.

Transit finder helps to show you when a delivery will reach from the time it is submitted to Blue Dart. Users need to enter particular details like service they need to send the courier, origin city, destination city, date of pick up, time of pick up. When you completed to enter the details and click on the button “Transit Time” It will run the details and provide you the exact date it will make the delivery.

How to use it:

Step 1: At first we need to go to the Blue Dart website,

Step 2:Click on the “Transit time finder” on the left bottom side of the website.

Step 3:Now choose the type of service you need, then fill all the details according to the instructions. Then click on “Transit Time”

Step 4: Software in the background runs it and will provide you the date of delivery.

Transit finder is a very easy to use and useful tool which provides the exact delivery date so we no longer need to worried whether the package is received or not. This also give us necessary details whether will it be useful to send delivery or not. Over all it is a good tool from Blue Dart which I think is not provided by many until we reach their office directly.

Blue Dart is one of the best courier service to rely on to send our couriers in the sub-continent. If you found this article useful or have any doubts regarding it please leave a comment below.

Top Services of ICICI Banks — All Details

ICICI bank is fourth largest banking company in Indiawith 4000+ branches and 14000+ ATMS in India and across the world. It is fourth only by SBI, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank and is second largest in terms of assets and 3rd largest in market capitalization. There various services offered by ICICI bank for its customers.

ICICI bank services

Accounts and Deposits:

These are the main functions of any bank providing their customers with an account in their bank there by identifying as a customer. ICICI bank had different types of accounts like Savings account, 3 in 1 account, salary account, Pension account and others these are given to different persons based on their requirement. Salary accounts are given for employees and pension accounts are given for retired employees to receive their pension amounts. Every customer will be given a Pass Book, ICICI net banking details, mobile banking details, and an ATM card for transactions from ATMs. Deposits is where customers can make fixed deposits, recurring deposits, tax savings fixed deposits and other.


ICICI Bank provides various types of loans like Home loans for those people who wish to construct a house with providing security for the bank that you could pay the EMIs regularly without any delays. They provide Car loans, personal loans, gold loans, business loans, and many other government schemes which are related to loans like Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, Stand Up India. The main requirements for a loan to take is the security you provide them.


There are different types of ATM cards are issued by ICICI bank for employees, travellers, customers, merchants and prepaid cards. Employees are mostly given Credit cards with the security of the monthly income and the bank provides credit for 1 month till your next payment day. Credit card holder will be given till a certain amount that they can spend and if your usage exceeds more than that you will be charged with high interest rates. Users will also be charged with high interest rates if they had not paid in time. So, Credit card holders should be careful with their spending and should return in time.

Travel cards are given for those who are travelling abroad for a vacation or business trip they can add certain amount of money in INR and withdraw the same amount in foreign currencies without any hassle.


Insurance is now a must have one for anything from our life to bike. ICICI bank provides different types of insurance like life insurance depending upon your age employment and family. General insurances like car insurance, bike insurance, travel insurance, home insurance and health insurance. Insurance should be taken by everyone irrespective of their or objects age.

Pockets Wallet:

Pockets Wallet is virtual debit card which can be created by anyone having an Android or iOS device. It makes your online spending easy with which you can buy anything from online stores, tickets, and recharges. Not only spending but also you can transfer money to others from the mobile. Users can add money through debit card, ICICI bank account, NEFT transfer from other banks and from net banking accounts.

Rediffmail Customer Care: All You Need To Know About It

Here in this article we are going to share all about Rediffmail Customer Care but before that let’s get some important information on the company. Rediffmail as we all know is one of the leading search giants with more than 95 million registered username who access their email on a daily basis. The company has as well switched to shopping online and also come up with its news app. Its contribution to micro blogging websites has been also noticeable. Given the wide range of options and services that the company has to offer, we are expecting that their customer care services would be equally sound and secure.

Rediff customer care

The company was established in 1996 by Ajit Balakrishnan and it has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. As stated above, the company has multiple services to offer, ranging from news, entertainment, shopping, etc. However, with time, many competitors came into the picture and gave the company a tough competition. However, here, if you are looking for customer care services for rediff mail, you are at the right place.


The company has no toll free number; it has a toll based contact on the contrary, which is: 092230-20000. The number can be availed during 9am to 9pm on all the seven days of the week. Any problem, query, complain, can be solved by giving a call on this number.


In additional to the toll free number, the customers can as well refer to the online assistance via the website. Here, they will be required to enter the basic details and having submitted the comment, they will be reverted by the customer care agents within 24 hours to 48 hours.


In order to seek assistance via the official website, the customer is required to select the problem they are dealing with and click on submit. In case the person wants further information about any of the categories, or options given on the website, they can refer to the FAQs.


Email is yet another way to reach out to the customer care executives in case of a complaint or as well providing a feedback. The email ID is  and here, the customer shall be replied back to within 24 to 48 hours business days by the Rediffmail customer support unit.


In case of any kind of help required, you can as well write to and have your queries sorted.

And that is about all the help you can get at Rediffmail for any kind of query, complain, or assistance. We hope that your problem is dealt with/will be dealt with in the right manner at Rediffmail!

How to complaint or track order using Snapdeal’s Customer Care Service?

Before sharing the information about Snapdeal Customer Care let’s check some important information regarding the e-com company. India is now a superpower which makes it a valuable place to do business in. Indian companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal already knew that and they started their business when there was not much interference from the foreign e-Commerce sites like Amazon or Ebay. Snapdeal was founded in the year 2010 and since then it has been moving up and now, its early turnover is more than a billion dollar which is pretty much staggering because Snapdeal is doing less business than Flipkart and Amazon and still it is in a pretty good position. Even though it is doing less business, it is still committed to provide its consumer a better service and for that they are strong in providing after sales services.


If you have any complaint regarding your order or any query, you can easily contact Snapdeal people and they will be standing right by you until the problem is being solved. In a survey, Snapdeal’s customer care service was rated better than that of Flipkart’s and Amazon’s Customer care service and the only reason behind it is that they are passionate about doing thing for their customers.

To contact Snapdeal, you can go for two options which include mail or calling on their toll-free numbers.

Snapdeal Toll Free Number: 011-4537110

Snapdeal Alternate Customer Care Number: 092126-92126

If you have any doubt or complaint regarding your recent orders or if you are planning to buy some stuff from their website and are skeptical about it, then you do not have to worry much as Snapdeal’s customer care executives are just a call away. You can simply dial one of those numbers between 9 AM to 9 PM to reach them as before or after that, you wont be able to reach them.

The customer care executives will not only help you with the tracking details of your order, but also help you in choosing the best order and will give you the best possible deal that you could grab in your budget.

Snapdeal Customer Care Email ID:

If you want to contact them via email telling about some error that has been made from your or their end, then you can simply write an email specifying your order details like order number or product name and for further assistance, don’t forget to put in your details like the registered number and email address through which you ordered that specific product. Snapdeal will send you an automatically generated email in which you will be told that they would contact you within 24 hours and you can even tell them in the email if you want to be contacted via email or cell phone.

Snapdeal might be experiencing less business in recent times but they did not compromise in the customer care area.