SHAREit Application Serves To Be The Best Cross-Platform App of Today

In a world where smartphones are an important requisites, more and more high end applications are being rolled out to facilitate sharing and communication between smartphone holders. With sharing technologies like Bluetooth and infrared almost rendered dysfunctional and slow for now, the SHAREit app comes as a savior for everyone looking to share files and folder rapidly without the hassle of any external factors.


SHAREit was initially launched in China back in June 2012 and was known as Anyshare. The application, today, is a commercial success with over  600 Million users from 200 countries and is now currently available in 39 languages including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese among others. This does quite make it a global phenomenon doesn’t it?

SHAREit is one of Lenovo’s DOit applications has uses WiFi direct concept or WiFihotspot to transfer files b/w devices. It actually creates a server of files i.e. your device and the network. The plus point in this basically points to the fact that the application does not require mobile data connection as an important requisite. Now, there can be many arguments made saying that modern day messaging apps also account for the same but that isn’t the case at all as not only does SHAREit allow sharing of media and applications without mobile internet, it also is 200 times faster than the best and the latest Bluetooth connections with  the highest speed going up to 20M/s and accounts for unlimited sharing without the hassle of USB cables or any other sort of external wiring.

Boasting a very user friendly interface, first time users of the application will find absolutely no hassle in navigating through the application in order to share media files or anything of that sort. Anothr big USP of SHAREit lies in the fact that the applications has no preset size for the files being transferred with the entities ranging from 1MB to 1000MB and speed of transfer is more or less constant throughout. The application, although originally developed by Lenovo is available over a wide range of handheld device platforms like iPhone, Android, PC or Mac.

Another very convenient property of SHAREit is the CLONEit feature of the applications. SHAREit can be used for duplication of information in the form of messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old phone to the new one in just one click without the hassle of malwares getting injected into your all new device.

Now most of the high-end applications of today are not from any official app store which does bring in legal issues pertaining to privacy and other hassles. SHAREit for windows is unlike any of that as the application is completely legal and is available on the Google Play Store for download on your devices. With minimal of space required for the application to run on the device, this sharing application is definitely the best bet for you if you are considering downloading a sharing application today.