Everything about the LG G6: why is it worth the buy?

With the latest news pouring in, it seems that LG G6 is going to come up with a revolutionary change that is going to make it worth every penny. In terms of the competitive market we hear that the competition with companies like Apple and Samsung are also going to come up with their production of models that is going to be a tough competition in the market. Let us have a look at the features that LG G6 is going to have that is going to make it worthy for being in the competition.


Some of the features that is going to be seen in the latest LG G6 include:

LG Pay

When Apple and Samsung are known to have their own payment method that is way too popular for the customers already. Samsung Pay might not be so popular and not many users use it, but the company does offer the feature. LG is now looking to come up with its own LG Pay system. Some feel that LG is copying Samsung, but even with that LG G6 will have the same feature. There were rumors that LG was working on something called “White Card”, but LG dropped that idea. Now, LG Pay is something entirely different.

Wireless charging

Some say this feature is also been copied from Samsung but LG is going with it anyway. The  LG Quick Wireless Charging Pad will be better or not, it will be known only after the release of the phone in the market. LG is known to be working on 15W charging pad, which is more powerful than the one of Samsung. With all these rumors all we know is that the phone will be featuring the wireless charging.

 Other Specs

Other features of LG G6 include the feature that will Snapdragon 835 which is going to be the latest chip, along with the memory capacity of 5 GB of RAM, and the 4K display with the new double 24MP camera on the back. The front camera will be having a double 7MP sensor.

In conclusion, we feel that LG G6 is going to be a tough competition for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Apple iphone8 which are also planning to come up the latest features that are worth the competition in the market. We will only get to know how the LG G6 is only with the release of the phone which is scheduled to be next year along with the release of the bother companies like galaxy s8 as well.