What you will get in the form of iPhone 7!

Apple has always been a hot favourite of almost all of us at some point of time and with the iPhone 7 on its way this September we are without doubt a little too excited to see what this piece of beauty brings to us. Apple has always brought innovation with each of its design and as the series gets better, so does the technological advancement.

Apple is responsible for coming up with a lot of firsts for the world of technology, and, it has managed to prove to be a huge success to break all records. Now with the iPhone 7 on its  way in September, there have been many rumours out in the market already, and here, we bring to you some more of what we’ve heard about the iPhone 7.

Design: To start off with, the iPhone 7 looks pretty similar to what 6S looked like; changes being removal of the headphone jack, removal of the antenna bands from the back and a variety of colours available for choice.

Features: Now that is something we must surely be very curious about. The 3D touch remains the same, and so does the 12 MP camera. The iPhone 7 will be available in 3 versions, namely, iPhone 7,7S and 7 Pro. The iPhone 7 pro is going to showcase a dual lens camera while the other two will continue to have a single lens camera. Apart from that, the latest addition we see is the IRIS scanner which has for long been in the news. Apart from that, the regular fingerprint scanner remains; yet another addition is the AMOLED screen, unlike the previous LED display. As news have been, the memory for the base model shall now be made a 32GB, which is one great thing for all of us! So that is about it!


Availability: September is generally the month of iPhones, and this year will see iPhone 7 and its 3 variants. The pre-orders shall start a week before the final launch of the iPhone and depending upon the supply/demands, the further shipment shall be determined. iOS 10 also release on same month, and you can download ios 10 for your iphones.

Price: This is the major concern that all of us have with iPhones, the PRICE. We are expecting the basic version of iPhone to be available at somewhere around 700 USD which could go up to as the makers shall please for the iPhone pro. (given the super advanced features that the phone is going to have in store)

So wait up to know more, until there’s more news, stay right here to keep updated with all that this super phone will bring for us!